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The Chassant le Soleil sandal was designed for your little ones who dream of sunny days spent outside all summer long, with an icy cold popsicle dribbling down their sticky chin. The sandals are flexible, breathable, yet incredibly sturdy. Sustainable and completely cruelty-free, they come from a place of love. 

These sandals are good enough for lunch, yet fun enough for the playground, whilst always maintaining out unisex style. They're handcrafted with 100% Premium Vegan Leather, sourced from the Nopal Cactus. When harvesting the cactus, only the mature leaves of the plant are cut without damaging the cactus itself, allowing for future harvests every six to eight months. Additionally, irrigation systems are not used in this process; the cactus grows solely off rain water and earth minerals that are rich in the region in which the plantation is located and great for the Nopal Cactus. These practices ensure that Dominic & Dempsey's maintain a light footprint on our planet. 

The leather is incredibly durable and soft to the touch, creating a high level of quality and comfort.

The sandals have a crisscross toe strap, and velcro around the ankle to facilitate independence in our little ones. 

- Upper - 100% organic premium cactus leather (USDA certified)
- Insole - 100% organic premium cactus leather (USDA certified)
- Outsole - 100% natural rubber

Ships from Austin, TX
Available in Ferrero
Designed in Austin, Texas / Handmade in Mexico 
Eco-friendly Packaging

*This is a preorder item and expected to ship in approximately 4-6 weeks


D&D's are made skillfully by hand, using a fusion of heritage techniques. Precision and detail is key in each pair of boots, with a strong focus on timeless design. They're high quality, durable and unique.


Our shoes are made from the world's first highly sustainable and environmentally-friendly organic material - DESSERTO® Vegan Cactus Leather.


All of our pieces incorporate organic and natural materials, making them safe and gentle for your little ones. Where possible, we try to utilize recycled materials in order to reduce waste.

Why We're Different

Chromium-tanned leather is the most popular form used when producing leather, and one of the most toxic. Even in modernized and ‘sustainable’ tanneries, it is nearly impossible to reclaim all of the pollutants generated by the tanning process.

At Dominic & Dempsey, our shoes are all handmade in small batches, ensuring ethical practices and sustainability. We use Organic Vegan Cactus Leather to create our unique pieces, guaranteeing a cruelty-free product that is 100% safe for our planet. Learn more

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